I and my community would like to thank Mr. Bruce Green for all the help you provide us in selecting the best insurance company at the lowest rates.

Abul Shirajee    October 21, 2014    2166 W Atlantic Ave Delray Beach, FL 33445   

Bruce Green helped me and my wife get the best insurance with an unbelievable premium which covers Doctor, Hospital and Medicine expenses. Also, he helped me select the credible insurance which is accepted by FAU as well. I highly recommend his services for your next insurance enrollment.

Rishiraj Gohil    July 24, 2017    Boca Raton, FL   

Thank you for designing an innovative Life Insurance Policy that emphasizes on long term values and cash accumulation for both Amanda and myself. You were the only advisor who took the time and diligence to better understand our needs.

Carlos Herrera, President    October 12, 2014   

Most of my customers now have affordable health insurance, some for the first time. Some of them were turned away from other agents saying they were not able to get Obamacare or were charging too much. Mr Bruce Green met my customers at my store and helped each and everyone of them. Thank you.

Tushar Dey, Deshi Bazaar    September 16, 2016    Delray Beach, Fl.   

Bruce Green helped my wife and I choose A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan which is paying all of our out of pocket charges not paid by Medicare. Thank you

Dr. Jeffrey S. Hoffman , D.C.    September 18, 2017    Boynton Beach, FL 33436   

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